What is a SpaceUP?


Simply put, a SpaceUP is an unconference about space. This means that the topics, schedule, and structure of the event are chosen by participants during the event. Except some plenary sessions put up by the organizers, most of the talks will be given by participants themselves. Get ready to talk!


You think space is a broad topic? Well, you’re right. All topics about space are included. This means that you can talk and listen to engineers speaking about orbital robots or an astrophysicist showing places further away than you could ever imagine or biochemists talking about micro-organisms in micro-gravity.


And don’t forget about pop culture, science fiction or even your law degree: did you know that there is a whole international law branch on the so called “space laws”? Yes, at a SpaceUP you could even listen to a space lawyer explaining why we cannot buy a crater on the Moon (you hoped uh?).